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Clearwater Floorsanding offers a complete range of services for flooring finishes.

  • Pre floor covering seal
    Seal your floors before covering with carpet or overlay to protect from any spills or floods.
  • Seal and polyurethane concrete
    Concrete floors can be sealed to protect from stains and for safety in industrial or food preparation areas.
  • New floors
    If you are interested in a new timber floor, we can source timber and arrange for installation -- and we'll polish it as well.
  • Refurbish existing floors
    Old timber floors can become a stunning asset to your home. Choose from a range of finishes, incuding matt, satin and gloss in waterbase or polyurethane finish.
  • Epoxy gap filling
    Resins can be used to fill gaps in timber floors, and can be coloured to match the existing timbers.
  • Staining
    A wide range of stains are available.
  • Colour block
    Colours can be applied to new or old floors but is particularly good for refurbishing old particle board.

Contact Us for more details. We welcome your enquiry.


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