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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I prepare?

We'll do our best to keep disruption to a minimum, but you can help us by preparing for our arrival.

  • All furniture should be removed, as well as all floor covering including staples and tacks.
  • Gas and electrical appliances should be disconnected and removed. All pilot lights including the hot water cylinder should be turned off.
  • Pets, including goldfish and birds, will also need to be housed elsewhere.
  • Do not leave any food out or it could become contaminated.
  • Areas such as fireplaces and vents should be sealed to prevent dust entering rooms.
  • Curtains should be removed to avoid odours seeping into fabrics.

How do we prepare in a new house?

There are often lots of tradespeople trying to work together when a house is being built. Once a floor has been sanded, it needs to be protected from any footwear, because the silicone on footwear willl cause rejection of the coating. Silicone is often used by and found on the footwear of plumbers, glazers and kitchen installers.

It is recommended that all painting except the final coat should be completed on the skirting boards.

Between coats

Do not spray any insecticides, air fresheners or aerosol sprays of any sort into the rooms.

Do not walk on to the floor between coats, even if you think they are dry. This can cause marks which are trapped between coatings but do not show up until months later.

How do we look after our new floor?

Take care when replacing furniture. Use a piece of carpet to shield the floor from being scraped or bruised. Extreme care must be taken during the seven days required for full curing of the floor coat.

Wash your floor regularly using ONLY hot water and methylated spirits for polyurethane floors (1/4 cup meths to three litres of hot water). Waterbased floor coatings require the use of a neutral pH cleaner. Never use abrasive cleaners. Just ask Grant and he can recommend a good cleaner.

Do not use polish, waxes or silicone finishes as these will affect additional reglaze coats.

Keep your floors free of dirt, grit and abrasive particles.

Do not use ballroom dancing powder.

Electrostatic mats and mops can be used to cut down on maintenance.

How long will the odour last?

The odour will clear quickly in a well ventilated house. Waterbased finish has much less odour than other finishes.




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